January 23, 2012. This is Joan Bleazard Thomas (joan.thomas@comcast.net).

Thanks for all the emails letting me know that this website is being found, read and enjoyed.  This is definitely not a finished or a perfect project!  I decided that if I waited for this to be perfect it would never be here for all of John's descendants. Please help me by continuing to send me corrections, photos, stories, documents.  Hearing from you makes all my research and work worthwhile.  xo 

   Welcome to the John Hopwood Bleazard website, a place for the descendants of this interesting man to share information and stories.  

John Hopwood Bleazard (Blazzard)

John Hopwood Bleazard was my great-great grandfather. John's 7th wife, Lydia Davis, was my great-great grandmother. 

Mark Hopwood Bleazard was my great grandfather. Annie Ison Danks was my great grandmother.

John William (Will) Bleazard was my grandfather. Louisa May Walker was my grandmother.

Mark Walker Bleazard was my father. Evelyn Dorothy Jenson was my mother.

I am Joan Bleazard (Thomas), and my husband is Arthur Kenneth Thomas.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this site! There are pictures and stories and just information. Some is colorful and some a bit dry, but all of it is a part of who we are today. 


Notes from Joan

Sometimes I begin to believe that no one is reading this and that no one wants to help me with it.  Please tell me I am wrong :-)

 Feb 18, 2010.  Please click on the JHB Story tab and send me the correct Name and Birth/Death dates for John's father. 

July 21, 2009 - Hiya folks, Devon here. Glad to be on board to offer whatever help I can in making this site as user friendly and fun as possible. It may be an ongoing process, so bear with us during the renovation!


October 25, 2009 

Devon is using her considerable talents and helping make this Family History site  "one of the most entertaining, interesting and informational family history sites on the net."      This quote is from an email I received a few days ago.  

I hope all the many descendants  of Blazzards and Bleazards are enjoying life and managing to do so even as we (all) struggle to make sense out of and survive the politics and problems of life.  Life is much too brief to waste our time in fear and sorrow.   One need only read all the stories on here to know that soon our lives, too, will be a 'story' someone may or may not write.