Descendants of Sarah Searcy Miller Blazzard

July 18, 2009.  A facebook note from Theron Pogue notes his lineage back to JHB as follows:  He is the son of Charmaine B. and Bill Pogue; Charmaine B (Blazzard) is the daughter of Howard N. Blazzard and Viola Greer; Howard N.  is the son of James Searcy Blazzard and Mary Catherine Jolley; James Searcy Blazzard is the son of John Hopwood and Sarah Searcy Blazzard.

I had not noted James Searcy's birthdate in The JHB STORY in process, and it is now included in 1852.  Thanks, Theron.  Have I understand your note correctly?  You and Beverly are 1st cousins. 

July 18, 2009. Beverly Chantalle McManus and I exchanged notes on Facebook on July 18, 2009.  In my note I mentioned the "trouble between the children (families) of Sarah Searcy and Lydia Davis ... because of John's Will and the Court cases that eventually distributed what was left of John's belongings and land, his estate.  That is history as far as I'm concerned.  We are all kinda related and the stories are incredibly interesting.  I would like to put as many thoughts, stories and pictures on the site as people are willing to share.  Please read Jennifer Bank's story about Sarah Searcy and her daughter Martha Ann. Jennifer put so much time and research in her paper, and it is wonderful for her to share it with us. 

"I began this project so my children, grand and great and .... children will be able to find their ancestor(s) who first came to the USofA and Utah.  It should be a help to others who are descendants of John Hopwod Blazzard/Bleazard. . "

Beverly sent me (Joan) a very informative and nice message on Facebook on July 18, 2009. It is nice to know about her and about her family -and our connections.  Howard N. Blazzard was the son of James Searcy Blazzard who was the son of John Hopwood and Sarah Searcy Blazzard.  (please let me know if this is not correct). 

Beverly, your note and information is great and I would love to have some of your Dad's stories on here - and also Steve's help.  JHB is OUR ancestor, the site is OURS, and how interesting it could be if we all would share our thoughts (and perspective) on this man and his life - as we re-connect.

The past is the past - and we are now and the future :-)  

Hello from California

Hi Joan, 

. . .It's lovely here in CA, about 72 degrees, and I'm gazing out at my plum tree, seeing them ripening and almost ready to harvest. 

My grandfather was Howard N. Blazzard, who was the brother of Kate Curtis.  My dad is Trevelyn Greer Blazzard, one of five children of Howard.  Howard was born in Luna, NM, and while a boy, his family relocated to Arizona.  He and Viola raised their family in Arizona, initially in the St. Johns region, then Prescott, and finally in Phoenix.  In the mid-1950s they moved to Northern California, where most of the family now resides.  My grandmother, Viola Greer Blazzard, hailed from Eagar, AZ, and is part of the big Greer clan.  

I've asked Steve Pogue, our family genealogist, to respond to your queries about the family line -- and also hope you don't mind that I forwarded your message to my dad, who also has some wonderful stories to share.  I think you'll enjoy seeing Steve's extensive genealogy!   My dad is quite a storyteller and I have a feeling he may be able to fill in some of the gaps in your story.  

It's sad that a long-ago court case would cause a rift in a family... I guess it happened a lot back then.  In the meantime, it's fun to find new cousins, and to discover our similarities and differences.  

Do you belong to Daughters of the Utah Pioneers?  My late mother was an active member and enjoyed sharing and learning the histories of our ancestors.  Sadly, she passed away 4 years ago.

I have two daughters, Emily Viola (25) and Mary Ella (23).  My late husband Steve McManus died six years ago, from esophageal cancer.  He was 43.  

We live in Castro Valley, which is about 30 minutes east of San Francisco.  We are about 12 minutes from the Oakland LDS Temple.  

Throughout Northern California are most of my Dad's (Blazzard) side of the family -- tons of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.   We also have a few scattered on the East Coast, in Massachusetts and Florida.  So, please let your family know that you have a huge raft of cousins who would love to meet you all, and reconnect. 
. . .
Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!  

Hugs from a cousin,