May 23, 2009

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1855 – John married MATILDA MURCH PENNY wife #6 on January 17, 1855.  Her husband, Robert, had died on the plains. (* Jennifer Banks, P 21).   Matilda Murch Penny was a widow with a son named Richard, and she birthed a son by JHB, named Tom Penny Blazzard.  (Thomas Murch Bleazard * Jennifer Banks, P 25).  In the Court proceedings Penny is spelled Pinney. 
"If you have any informtion about Matilda Murch Penny/Pinney, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you."
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From: J S  (Thank you Jerry) 
Date: April 24, 2009 7:36:52 AM MDT
Subject: Matilda Murch

"Matilda Murch was born 29 July 1824 in Canterbury, Kent, England, a daughter of John Murch and Margaret Dora Simms.   She married Robert Charles Pinney in 1842, at Exeter, Devon, England.   He died in 1854.   She then married John Hopwood Bleazard the 17 January 1855 in Salt Lake City.   They subsequently divorced.   She then married Lewis Olgier Hardy on 12 March 1857, and her third marriage was to Peter Shirts on 16 November 1859.   She had moved to Washington, Utah, by 1862."

From the Court records we find the following: 

Thomas Murch Blazzard was married and he was 36 years old when he testified in Court in the 1890s. At the time of the court proceedings he was living in Garfield Co. Utah. Thomas was born on the last day of October in 1855 in Salt Lake City. 

Thomas said that since his birth he had lived with "my brother most of the time -half brother H.C. Pinney -Charles Pinney.  Thomas said his mother had also been living with him prior to her death.  His mother, Matilda, died in Georgetown Yellow Creek in Kane Co. Utah.

According to Thomas, after his mother and John divorced, his mother moved to "Panguitch."  Thomas said his mother told him at any early age that John Hopwood Blazzard was his father. He said that he had gone by the name of Thomas Blazzard sometimes, but was known as Thomas Pinney most of the time, and by at least age 21 his name was Thomas Pinney.  

Thomas said his mother did not tell him when John Hopwood Blazzard died, and that he believed he was about 14 years old when his mother told him about his death. 

Thomas said that he first heard about the will and the estate left by John H. Blazzard in October 1890. He said that he regarded the Plaintiffs in the Court action (Blazzards and Mariam) as his half brothers and sisters. He said he didn't know the Defendants personally, but he said he understood that they were his half brothers and sister.