John Hopwood Bleazard

Biography of Lydia Davis Bleazard (Wife #7)

Biography of Lydia Davis Bleazard 
written by Lorna Bleazard Schlote 1962

Submitted by Lydia Bleazard, granddaughter, to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

"BIOGRAPHY OF LYDIA DAVIS BLEAZARD, daughter of William Davis and Lucy Davis, born 23 June 1825 (27) at Stake Abbott, Dorsetshire, England.

With her parents and brothers and sisters they embraced the Gospel in England and left with a company of Saints 573 in number and came to America in 1850. They landed in Philadelphia, and remained there for some time. In 1855 they came to Missouri to join the Saints who were gathering to Zion.

Near what is now known as Kansas City Mo. her father died and was buried along the trail. They came on to Utah and arrived in the Salt Lake Valley Oct. 24, 1855. They settled in what is now known (as) Hooper. Here the family each took their share of responsibility to assist their mother in caring for a large family.

She received her baptism in 1857.

She met and married John Hopwood Bleazard of Salt Lake City. They were endowed 11 May 1861 and sealed 7 Feb 1863. She was his third (actually his 7th wife) wife and to this marriage the following sons and daughters were born:

(Mary Ann Bleazard born March 30, 1857 was likely their first child.  (See notes below)  

Joseph Davis Bleazard born 17 April 1860 at Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mark Hopwood Bleazard born 21 March 1861 at Salt Lake City, Utah.
Lucy Davis Bleazard born 30 March 1863 at Salt Lake City, Utah
Caleb Davis Bleazard born 1 March 1865 at Salt Lake City, Utah
Orson Davis Bleazard born 1 January 1867 at Salt Lake City, Utah

They made their home in Salt Lake City. They lived on the property where Dinwoodey's Furniture store now stands. There was a brewery run in the basement.

John Hopwood Bleazard took more wives so he moved Lydia to Fifth South and West Temple, which property he also owned, it is now known as the Walker Block and the Darling Stores now occupy it. The property located from Main St. to W. Temple (to 5th So.) was divided among the children.

Every fast day Grandmother Lydia took a pan of flour or some meat or eggs or vegetables with which to pay her fast offering. At that time Fast day was held on Thursdays.

They were members of the (Farmer's) Ward. Grandmother Lydia remained true and faithful to the Gospel. She was a devoted and faithful wife and mother. Her husband preceded her in death and she was left a widow for some 7 years. Her death came in Nov. 3, 1878 at Salt Lake City. She is buried in the City Cemetery.

Notes from Joan

June 2010. Lorna writes that Lydia was John's 3rd wife, but she was his 7th wife.  We've also found that Lydia birthed a baby girl, Mary Ann Bleazard,  30 March 1857. Check the informaton on this little girl's page.  Mary Ann died 27 January 1858.  Her name was not listed on many of the family records.   

The above record is taken from Genealogical record and family record and wills, submitted by Lydia Bleazard, granddaughter.

The above was written by Lorna Bleazard Schlote - grand daughter-in-law.
Read in Golden Spike Camp Feb 28, 1962 by Lorna B. Schlote - grand daughter-in-law "