John Hopwood Bleazard

These wonderful 'cousins' have collaborated with and provided considerable input and information to me and my son, Stanton Thomas.  Each has helped to keep this site up and growing and interesting for all of John Hopwood Bleazard/Blazzard Descendants.  Without their help, it would just be my words. Thank you Cousins and Collaborators ! If anyone is left out, please contact me because I don't want anyone left out.

Joan Bleazard Thomas and son, Stanton Thomas   # 7

John Hopwood & Lydia Davis (wife #7) Bleazard

   Mark Hopwood & Annie Ison Danks Bleazard --John William (Will) & Louisa May Walker Bleazard, and Mark Walker & Evelyn Jenson Bleazard)

Address: 5771 Beaumont Drive, Holladay, Ut 84121

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Elaine's Ancestor is a brother of John Hopwood Bleazard.  

Thanks to Bertha for leaving us so many stories  

Rosalie Kelsey, Marie Johnson and 
Cynthia Simmons Andrews # 7
(Lydia Davis (wife #7) -- Caleb Davis Bleazard

Rosalie and Marie for encouragment photos and documents, and
Cynthia for her two wonderful stories ! 
Devon NicholsonSteve Pogue and Jennifer Banks  #3
 (Sarah Searcy Miller (wife #3) Blazzard)

 Devon for her time, her considerable talent and for making this site interesting.

 Steve for all the information he has provided.

 Jennifer for all her research and writing about Sarah Searcy/Martha Miller.  

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Jerry Shepherd  #9 
(Mary Ison Worthington (wife #9) Bleazard) 
Jerry for his counsel and considerable assistance and professionalism and
his sharing with me on this site. 

Notes from Joan

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