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Rose and Bertha, 1945

Bertha May (Bird) Bleazard (Miles) and Rose Irene Bleazard (Fairbourne) are sisters. They are daughters of Mark Hopwood and Annie Ison Danks Bleazard. Bird and Rose lived across the street from one another near 2862 So. 7th E, SLC, Ut.  Lydia Davis,  JHBs Wife #7, is their ancestor. Bertha hand wrote many of the stories in the section about Wife #7.  It was Rose's daughter (Bird's niece), Julia Clare Fairbourne (Aposhian), who typed and first published these stories. 

joan 10/29/2009

Headstone for John Edwin (Ted) and Bertha Bleazard Miles

Peoa Cemetery, Peoa, UT (photo by Melanie Wilson)

Dear Julia.  Today I found your personal story and it is inspirational. I remember with love and fondness visiting with you, Lavon and your parents, when my mother and I were staying in the home of Aunt Bird and Uncle Ted in 1945.  

Aunt Bird gave me printed copies of the stories but I didn't know until today that you were the one who typed and printed her many handwritten stories. I want to thank you for caring for Aunt Bird when she was sick and needed help, and for typing her stories.  Thank you.

Best wishes, Joan Bleazard Thomas 10/29/2009

 Julia Aposhian Obituary

Julia wrote on 23 September 1983, the day that Bertha Bleazard Miles died, "...Aunt Bird (Bertha) spent many years of her life doing genealogy and writing histories of her life and the lives of her parents, Annie Ison Danks and Mark Hopwood Bleazard.  At her request, I typed and published these interesting histories in booklet form. When mama (Rose Irene Bleazard Fairbourn) lived across the street from Aunt Bird for all those years, they spent so many happy hours quilting together,  Aunt Bird had trials of every description throughout her life.  Old age was just as difficult as her younger life had been.  Her last years were lonely and her health was poor. Aunt Bird had borne thirteen children and only four of them lived to maturity,  She had lived on this earth 95 years and 9 months."
Anna Dee Bleazard (Rowley/Coupens) and Julia took loving care of their Aunt Bird. 

William Clayton's Diary

Slaidburn, St Andrews Church in England

Nauvoo Brass Band


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8/7/09   - I've ordered 3 books about William Clayton. The site above does not work and the books should provide me/us with more information about the North America ship on which JHB, 1st wife Sarah and some of their children, traveled to the USofA.

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