John Hopwood Bleazard

Mary Ann Bleazard

Mary Ann Bleazard

first child of Lydia Davis Bleazard

On 31 July 2008, Jennifer Banks sent me an email in which she describes how she was able to find little Mary Ann Bleazard, the first child of Lydia Davis (and John Hopwood Bleazard). Prior to finding this information about her, she has not been listed as a child of Lydia Davis and John Hopwood Bleazard.  

From: "Jennifer  Banks" 
Date: July 31, 2008 7:40:55 PM MDT
To: "Joan" <>
Subject: Mary Ann Blazzard

Hi Joan,
Finding Mary Ann Blazzard was a surprise to me.  I was looking through the Salt Lake death records trying to find some of the other children of Sarah as well as JHB's son, Elijah.  I was surprised to find this entry for Mary Ann Blazzard.  While the only parent listed is Lydia Davis, the child is recorded with the Blazzard surname.  I felt that the fact that she was buried with the Blazzard surname indicated paternity.  As you have noted, there is a long period of time between when Lydia began having children and when she and JHB were sealed.  I am not sure exactly what to think of that.  But it is not the only time this has happened.  Mary Jane Miller was pregnant when she was sealed to JHB in Winter Quarters - although in her testimony at the trial she stated that she had been married previously by...I think she said it was by Uncle John Smith but I don't have the record in front of me at the moment.  But I do not have a date or any other supporting evidence ...  
As to the sealing, I am the person who sealed Mary Ann to JHB and Lydia Davis earlier this month.  When I put together a family file submission a year or so ago with names from another branch of my family, I included this little girl.  This month my husband and I did all the sealings for that particular batch of family names.  Had I had contact with you a week earlier, I would have given you the opportunity since you are more closely related.  I sincerely hope you are not upset.

 (No, Jennifer, I am definitely not upset. joan)

Mary Ann Bleazard was born 30 March 1857 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT. The little girl died on 27 January 1858 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT.  She is buried the Bleazard Lot 2 (F-12-12-5W) in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.  She was 'sealed' to her parents on 18 July 2008, Washington Temple. 

August 4, 2008 7:21:55 AM MDT
To: "Joan" <>
Subject: Re: Mary Ann Blazzard
Reply-To: "Jennifer  Banks" 

Hi Joan,
Mary Ann isn't buried in the same section as the other Blazzards.  You may know about this already, but the Salt Lake cemetery is part of an online database that includes information on the location of burials within a cemetery.  I don't know exactly how to translate the "address" of the grave that is included in the online entries, but I would imagine that someone at the cemetery would be able to tell you.  Should you find her grave, I would be interested in knowing who she is buried by.

August 17, 2009 9:22:00 AM MDT
From: Jerry Shepherd
Subject: Re: Mary Ann Blazzard (1857 - 1858) - Find A Grave Photos

" ...  Mary Ison (Worthington) Bleazard is to John's left, Lydia is to his right.   Mary Ann Blazzard and a couple of John's other children, I know for sure Dorcas whom he had with Sarah Searcy, are buried in an entirely different lot.  That is why I refer to them as Bleazard Lots 1 and 2.  The F-12 I consider Lot one and was purchased in the 1850s.  Bleazard Lot 2 is the F-14 lot and is the one in which John is buried and for which you have a copy of the cemetery certificate.  I now see your confusion.  Ms. Huff made an error in her post on find-a-grave...

(Thanks Jennifer and Jerry - Joan) 




Notes from Joan on Aug 17, 2009 

I'm beginning to believe that the the information on the children of Mary Jane Miller Bleazard is wrong.  In Court, Mary Jane age 88,  mentioned birthing a daughter,  Sarah Ann Bleazard, while living at Winter Quarters. She then tells about being in Utah and being pregnant when she (and her mother) both divorced or left JHB.  At this time Mary Jane said she birthed a "son " and that this child died.   In many writings the children of Mary Jane are listed as Sarah Ann Bleazard and Mary Ann Bleazard.

I believe that the child, Mary Ann Bleazard, who is listed as born to Mary Jane was, in fact, this little girl born to Lydia Davis.  

If I am correct a lot of records and writings need to be changed.  If I am wrong and someone can document anything about the Mary Ann listed as a child of Mary Jane --- well, I will change some records.  Think about this and please help me find the 'truth' --