John Hopwood Bleazard

The Life Sketch of John Hopwood Bleazard
by Catherine (Kate) B. Curtis

15 June 1964

( Wife #3, Sarah Searcy Miller was Kate Curtis's grandmother)

Joan Thomas sez:  "I have quoted information from Kate's Sketch in The JHB Story, and it was duplicated here. I have given Kate credit within The Story.
 I have deleted much of the Sketch."


The following are her own words from Kate's Sketch about the children of John Hopwood and Sarah Searcy Miller (Bleazard)

" ... The children of Sarah Searcy Miller and John Hopwood Blazzard need to be brought into the picture for genealogical purposes.

(1) John was born in 1848, came to Salt Lake with his parents, never married. He was injured when a child so that he was not able to learn to read and write. He spent the last 20 years of his life with his brother, Thomas, and family in Washington, Utah. His leg was broken by a buck sheep, after which he lived one week. He was buried in Washington, Utah.

(2) Miriam was born in 1850, in Winter Quarters. She married James Pectol, her step-brother, and had 3 children before he died, a comparatively young man. Two of these boys, James and Leroy, married and raised families in Southern Utah. (Leroy married Nell Jolley. They had a large family in Washington, Utah. James married Lena there.) Miriam later married E. M. Steers and had five or six more children) ... She died in Idaho.

(3) James Blazzard was born August 7, 1852, in Salt Lake City. He was raised in Southern Utah after the age of 9 or 10, and married Mary Catherine Jolley November 30, 1876, in Glendale. They spent most of their married life in Luna, (18 years), New Mexico, and Thatcher, Arizona. They had a family of ten children. They are both buried at Thatcher, Arizona.

(4 & 5) Two girls were born next, Ellen and Dorcus, but we know very little about them except that they both died young and were buried in Washington, Utah, where their mother is buried.

(6) Thomas was the last child born to John Hopwood Bleazard and Sarah, August 4, 1857, in Salt Lake City. When he was four years old, his mother separated from John and married George Pectol, and they moved to Southern Utah to raise cotton. Thomas married Eliza Melzena Averett in St. George Temple, January 19, 1882. They raised a family of nine children, all but two of whom lived to marry and raise families. Hazel died at the age of twenty-one of typhoid fever, and George died an accidental death. Thomas, the father, died July 3, 1924, in St. George, Utah, and is buried in Washington, Utah. Tom's wife, Eliza (Dean) Everett, mother of his children, died February 22, 1935, and was buried beside her husband."

What follows are words from Kate's Sketch

"In Salt Lake City, John Hopwood Bleazard lived at First South 21 West (40 rd.x 165 rd.) (Now in 1930 valued at $150,000).

He owned a row of houses and grounds at 5th South West Temple.

He owned property at 54 West 1st North, also at 27 West 1st South.

At his death, the property at 1st South 21 West was yet in his name. At the time the will was broken, it was mortgaged for $30,000. It was not redeemed, yet the mortgage could not be foreclosed. The heirs, at one time, were offered $71,000 for it, Uncle Orson Bleazard told me. (Kate)

The property at 5th West and South Temple 10 rd.x 20 rd. where Mark's folks used to live was about 1/5 of the other, at that time.

He did not leave Sarah nor her children any share at his death, 1871, so his daughter, Miriam, by Sarah, had the will broken and the property somewhat divided. My father went back from Luna in 1893, at the time court was on. His share would have been about $1,000. He signed it over to James Andrus, and Andrus sold him horses for it. Pa and his young son, Jim, about 14, went back in 1895 and drove the horses home over the long perilous trail from Southern Utah to Luna, New Mexico. Uncle Tom's share purchased the farm in Washington Field after the will was broken. The long, drawn-out court proceedings lasted so long that some of the buildings were condemned and had to be removed, which left little of value to the heirs."

Thanks to Kate Curtis for her Sketch.