John Hopwood Bleazard

WIFE #1 


On Page 138 under Marriages in The Registers of the Parish Church of St. Andrew, Slaidburn - Lancashire (Yorkshire Pre-1974) as transcribed and edited by C. J. Spencer BSc, ARCS - R. H. Postlethwaite is the following:  

Dec. 21, 1822 (No. 168) John Bleazard, carpenter, & Sarah (x) Nowel, spinster, were married by H.P. (Henry Wiglesworth, rector), itpo: (in the presence of) Isaac Tomlinson, Robert Hopwood.  

Jerry Shepherd provided John and Sarah's marriage date from the "Bishop's Transcripts of Slaidburn, Family History Library film number 919158  (FHL919158)"  

Wife #1 - Sarah Nowel Bleazard

Her name may have been Sarah Ann Nowell.  Some have suggested her name was Sarah Evelyn Nowell and she was born about 1805, Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England.  
John was 19 years old and Sarah Nowel was 17 years old when they married.  They were married on December 21, 1822 in the lovely St. Andrews Church in Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England.   Sarah died in 1846 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.

Robert H. Bleazard, first child of JHB and Sarah was born in 1823.  Robert married Melinda Jane Adkins. They had a daughter and named her Sarah Evaline Bleazard.   Sarah Evaline Bleazard married William Vestal.  Their fourth child was a daughter named Sarah Evelyn.  

(What follows is from a Family Group Record prepared by Jennifer Banks.  I am posting the dates/names etc. as Jennifer prepared the Record. The last name is spelled Blazzard on this Record, because that is how Jennifer spells it. I'm thinking that the correct spelling is Bleazard because the spelling was changed to Blazzard much later by the descendants of Wife #3, Sarah Searcy Miller.

Jennifer Banks provides the following information about John's 1st wife, Sarah Newell:

"Sarah Newell was born 6 February 1801 in Newton, Western Yorkshire, England; and died before 31 January 1846. 

John Hopwood Blazzard and Sarah Ann Newell married about 1819 in Yorkshire, England.

Their children are listed as:

Robert Blazzard, Chr. 24 April 1825 at Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England

(This child noted as over age 8 in Nauvoo First Ward list. List probably made in spring 1842) *See additional information about John/Sarah's son, Robert and his descendants below, uploaded by Joan 9/1/09*

Sarah Ann Blazzard, Born in Newton, Yorkshire, England; Chr. 21 Dec 1828 at Slaidburn, Yorkshire, England; married Phiander J. Perry on 9 August 1841 at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois; Died 16 February 1849 at Montrose, Lee, Iowa.

(This child noted as over age 8 in Nauvoo First Ward list. List probably made in spring 1842)  John Blazzard, Born about 1834 Of Yorkshire, England

(This child is noted as under age 8 on Nauvoo First Ward list. List probably made in spring of 1842)  Eliza Blazzard, Born about 1836 Of Yorkshire, England

(This child is noted as under age 8 on Nauvoo First Ward list. List probably made in spring of 1842)  Elijah Blazzard, Born about 1838"  


Steven R. Pogue, descendant of Sarah Ann Searcy (Blazzard) Wife #3, writes in an email that, "My mom's family spells the name Blazzard. Her grandfather was James Blazzard, and he and his brother Tom (Washington, Utah) changed the spelling."

Steve wrote in an email dated July 29, 2008 about the child of John and Sarah Newell Bleazard named Sarah Ann Bleazard.

Sarah Ann Bleazard

Steve notes that Sarah Ann Bleazard's AFN is (AFN 2FQ8-NR) on the Ancestral File. "Because she married so soon after arriving and died so young, I think no one ever tied her to her dad, but she shows up on the ship list with John and the likelihood of there being two unrelated Sarah Bleazards in Nauvoo is -0- They had several children, but it looks like they all died young. It looks to me like she died in childbirth in Montrose, Iowa, based on the data for son Charles...

Child Sarah Ann's Family Group Record (Steve Pogue)

Sarah Ann Bleazard (AFN:2FQ8-NR)

Born 29 May 1822 at Newton, Lancaster, England; Died 16 Feb 1849 (Her parents are not listed by Steve Pogue)

Philander Jackson Perry (AFN:1CFR-8B)

Born 29 Sep 1821 at Middlebury, Genisee, NY; Died 4 October 1902 in Provo, Utah; Buried 6 October 1902 in Provo, Utah.

His father was Asahel Perry (AFN:2KTD-LK), and his mother was Polly Chadwick (AFN:2KTD-MQ).

Sarah Ann Bleazard and Philander Jackson Perry married 9 August 1841 at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois

Their children are listed as:

Asahel Perry (AFN-4HQR-2X); Born 25 June 1842 at Nauvoo, Ill; Died 26 June 1842

Hyram Jackson Perry (AFN-4HQR-34); Born 4 May 1843 at Nauvoo, Ill.; Died 14 May 1843

William Henry Perry (AFN:4HQR-49); Born 18 Feb 1844 at Nauvoo, Ill.; Died 10 Oct 1844

Louisa Ann Perry (AFN:4HQR-5G); Born 10 August 1845 at Montrose, Lee, Iowa; Died 13 July 1846

Lorin Rising Perry (AFN:4HQR-6M); Born 3 April 1847 - - ?

Charles Nelles Perry (AFN-4HQR-7S); Born 2 February 1849 at Montrose, Lee, Iowa; Died 9 February 1849

On Jun 12, 2009, at 1:41 PM, Alan Heal, West Jordan, Ut wrote:

"Hello Joan: Thank you for establishing your website for John Hopwood Bleazard. It is very helpful. I am a descendant of Philander Jackson Perry, and have started doing some research along the line of his first spouse, Sarah Ann Bleazard. I have had no information of her ancestors, beyond the names of her father and mother, until I found your site! Now I have a great deal of information, and I really appreciate it.

I do have a question that I wondered if you might be able to give me some direction on. Our records show that Sarah Ann died in Montrose, Lee, Iowa, but I have been unable to locate where she might be buried. I have not been able to find her in the online cemetery indexes for that area. The other mystery has to do with their 5th child, Lorin Rising Perry. Family folklore has been that after Sarah Ann died, Philander traveled to Utah, but that as Sarah and all of the other children (except Lorin) had passed away, he left Lorin (approx 2 years old) with trusted friends in Iowa. We have had no further information on what ever happened to Lorin, who raised him, where/when he died, etc.

If you have any ideas on how I might pursue these bits of info, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thanks again for the website - it's great! Alan Heal - West Jordan, UT"


From: Heal Family
Date: June 13, 2009 2:39:44 PM MDT
To: Joan Thomas
Subject: Re: Sarah Ann Bleazard

"Hi Joan: Thanks for the reply, and thank you for placing my question on your website. Thanks also for your question about Philander Perry's second wife. After Sarah Ann passed away in 1849, Philander married Arvilla Pratt on May 27, 1850. The LDS Church Archives record that he traveled west in an unidentified wagon company in 1850, however, they also record that Arvilla Pratt came west in 1851 in the Walton/Garden Grove Company.

(,15792,4017-1,00.html )

It may be that there are answers to the adventures of Lorin Rising Perry somewhere within the journals of those company members, and I am looking there as well. This seems unlikely however, as I would assume Lorin would have ended up with Philander and Arvilla had he come west.

Philander died in Springville, UT 04 Oct 1902, and is buried in Provo, as is Arvilla Pratt, who died on 11 Feb 1912.

Thanks again - Alan"

(Thank you, Alan. joan)

Descendants of Robert H. Bleazard

Generation No. 1

Robert Hopwood is son of your family from England, he went to Utah with the family for a while. He disagreeded with his father and ran away from home to fight in the Mexican war only they didn't fight. He ended up in KS and that is probably where he met Melinda Jane. His father, John Hopwood Bleazard had 9 wives according to stories.

1. ROBERT H.1 BLEAZARD was born 1823 in Slaidbrn, York, England, and died May 1893 in Buchanan County, Missouri. He married MELINDA JANE ADKINS1,2,2 1854 in Atchison County, Kansas, daughter of ROLAND ADKINS and MARTHA HENSON. She was born Jan 21, 1832 in Jackson County, Mo, and died Jun 19, 1918 in Platte County, Camden Point, Mo.


Malinda Jane Adkins was a sister to David Adkins, father of my side of family.

2. i. SARAH EVALINE2 BLEAZARD, b. Sep 26, 1856, Kansas; d. Apr 03, 1890, Platte County, MO.

ii. JOHN MIKE BLEAZARD3, b. Jun 05, 1864, Atchison County, Kansas; d. Jul 13, 1954, Camden Point. MO4; m. (1) DORA E. BURCH; b. 1869; d. Mar 1908, Camden Point, MO5,6; m. (2) ANNA LAURA WEBB HAWKINS, Abt. 1910, MO; b. 1871; d. 1949, Camden Point, MO.

3. iii. ROBERT HOPWOOD BLEAZARD, b. Jun 05, 1864, Atchison County, Kansas; d. Bet. 1903 - 1904, Atchison County, Kansas.

Generation No. 2

2. SARAH EVALINE2 BLEAZARD (ROBERT H.1)7,8 was born Sep 26, 1856 in Kansas, and died Apr 03, 1890 in Platte County, MO. She married WILLIAM ALVIS VESTAL9 Sep 04, 1873 in Buchanan County, Missouri. He was born Aug 13, 1846 in Platte County, MO, and died Nov 28, 1927 in Platte County, MO.


i. JANE ELIZABETH3 VESTAL9, b. Feb 02, 1875, Buchanan County, Missouri9; d. Unknown.

ii. JAMES THOMAS VESTAL9, b. Apr 22, 1877, Buchanan County, Missouri; d. Unknown.

4. iii. ROBERT LUTHER VESTAL, b. Jan 05, 1880, Buchanan County, Missouri; d. Mar 06, 1948, Wallace, Mo.

iv. SARAH EVELYN VESTAL9, b. Mar 24, 1884, Buchanan County, Missouri; d. Unknown.

v. MYRTLE VESTAL9, b. Feb 1885, Buchanan County, Missouri; d. Aug 1887, Buchanan County, Missouri.

vi. ELLA MAE VESTAL9, b. Feb 12, 1889, Buchanan County, Missouri; d. Unknown.

vii. JOHN VESTAL9, b. Unknown, Buchanan County, Missouri; d. Unknown.

3. ROBERT HOPWOOD2 BLEAZARD (ROBERT H.1) was born Jun 05, 1864 in Atchison County, Kansas, and died Bet. 1903 - 1904 in Atchison County, Kansas. He married (1) ANNA E. PROFFIT10 Oct 19, 1884 in Atchison, Kansas or Buchanan county, MO11, daughter of JOSEPH PROFFIT and MARGUERITE CARTER. She was born 1865 in MO, and died Unknown. He married (2) MARGARETT F. PROFFIT 1893 in Buchanan County, Missouri, daughter of JOSEPH PROFFIT and MARGUERITE CARTER. She was born Mar 1875 in MO, and died Abt. 1903 in St Joseph, MO.


(Proffits are related to the Adkins. My G grandfather George Washngton Adkins married Mary Proffit, sister to both ladies)

5. i. MAMIE JANE3 BLEAZARD, b. Apr 18, 1894, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Territory; d. Jun 06, 1973, St Joseph, MO.

6. ii. GERTRUDE BLEAZARD, b. Mar 1896, ?; d. Unknown, Dearborn, MO.

7. iii. HARRY BLEAZARD, b. Feb 1898, Missouri; d. Abt. 1940.

iv. JAMES BLEAZARD, b. Feb 1899; d. Abt. 1903, MO.

Generation No. 3

4. ROBERT LUTHER3 VESTAL (SARAH EVALINE2 BLEAZARD, ROBERT H.1)12 was born Jan 05, 1880 in Buchanan County, Missouri12, and died Mar 06, 1948 in Wallace, Mo12. He married ANNA MAE SPENCER12 Dec 24, 1912 in Buchanan County Court House, St Joseph, MO12. She was born Jan 22, 1893 in Abilene, Kansas12, and died Jun 12, 1989 in St Joseph, MO12.


i. JOHN SPENCER4 VESTAL12, b. Oct 14, 1919, Platte County, MO; m. GARNET JONNIE PYEATT, Jul 02, 1943, Chattinooga, Tenessee; b. Dec 08, 1919, Arizonia.

This lady has lots of history on the Bleazards

. LOU ANNA VESTAL12, b. Nov 22, 1925, Wallace, Mo; m. (1) JAMES MARVIN CROCKETT, Aug 29, 1946, Troy, Kansas; b. Sep 27, 1917, Hall, MO; d. Jul 20, 1983, St Joseph, MO; m. (2) FRANCIS CLINTON LAURENCE, Feb 27, 1997; b. Jan 16, 1924, Wallace, Mo; d. Apr 07, 1997, Kansas City, Clay County, MO.

5. MAMIE JANE3 BLEAZARD (ROBERT HOPWOOD2, ROBERT H.1) was born Apr 18, 1894 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Territory, and died Jun 06, 1973 in St Joseph, MO. She married ANSON HALLEY REYNOLDS13 1912 in Missouri. He was born Jul 16, 1888 in Osceola, Mo, and died Jul 21, 1962 in Bolckow, Mo.


i. DOROTHY BERNICE4 REYNOLDS14, b. Nov 28, 1913, Gower, Mo; d. Nov 26, 1987, Chandler, Arizonia; m. (1) JOSHUA WILKERSON14, 1929, Dearborn, Missouri; b. Jul 19, 1900, Dearborn, MO; d. Nov 13, 1962, Denver, Colorado; m. (2) GEORGE SHAFFER, 1953, California; b. Mar 15, 1922, NC; d. Feb 21, 1989, MO.

ii. JESSE TAYLOR REYNOLDS14, b. Feb 18, 1916, MO; m. MAXINE ?, Unknown; b. Unknown.

iii. WILLIAM HARRY REYNOLDS14, b. Oct 03, 1918, MO; m. CELIA, Jul 23, 1937, Savannah, MO; b. Unknown.

iv. MARY ELIZA REYNOLDS14, b. Nov 01, 1924.

v. JOHN REYNOLDS14, b. May 31, 1927, MO; m. ROSA MAY ?; b. Unknown.

6. GERTRUDE3 BLEAZARD (ROBERT HOPWOOD2, ROBERT H.1) was born Mar 1896 in ?, and died Unknown in Dearborn, MO. She married JOHNATHAN D. COX15 Unknown. He was born Unknown, and died Unknown.


i. PAULINE MARIE4 COX, b. 1915.

ii. JOHN THOMAS COX, b. 1920.

7. HARRY3 BLEAZARD (ROBERT HOPWOOD2, ROBERT H.1) was born Feb 1898 in Missouri, and died Abt. 1940. He married EMMA WILKERSON Unknown. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.


i. SUSIE4 BLEAZARD, b. Unknown.

ii. HARRY BLEAZARD, b. Unknown.


1. Told by Minnie Adkins Bledsoe to Louise Adkins Jones.

2. told by Elmer Adkins to his daughter Louise Adkins Jones. Also other cousins told of hearing the same story. This is the way Anna Bell Adkins Keith (daughter of John William/Molly Stagner Adkins) told the story in 1996.

3. Cememtery records, middle name came from cemetery records for Platte Co. MO (Camden Point, MO).

4. Cemetery records.

5. taken from Dearborn Democrate, Newspaper says wife of J. M. Bleazard of Camden Point, MO died in St Joseph, MO hosptial buried tuesday morning. Paper dated 3-20-1908.

6. Cemetery records.

7. Lou Anna Vestal Lawrence.

8. Marta Hurst 1-2000.

9. Lou Anna Vestal Lawrence.

10. Nina Anderson Sellers/Jessie Bledsoe.

11. Copy of licence.

12. Lou Anna Vestal Lawrence.

13. Lou Anna Laurance provided information on Reynold familys

14. Sally Carroll.

15. Pat.

Notes from Joan

Sept 1, 2009.  The "Descendants of Robert H. Bleazard"  was uploaded.  Thank you, Steve Pogue.

June 12-13, 2009 - information added on this date from Jennifer Banks' Family Group Record.
Also information provided by Steven Pogue regarding Sarah and John's daughter, Sarah Ann Bleazard, her husband, Philander Jackson Perry, and their children.

Alan Heal comments and asks questions in an email. Perhaps someone can provide Alan and (all of us) with answers ?

Wife #1's name  ?  and her correct birth date ? 

Jerry Shepherd found that the marriage date of John (age 19) and Sarah NOWEL December 21, 1822.   Sarah's birth date differs in different records, but she was about the same age as John. 

SARAH EVELYN NOWELL (from a record on, indicating that she is John's 1st wife.  

SARAH ANN NEWELL (1 -"Sarah Searcy and Martha Ann Miller: Their Marriages and Children"by Jennifer DeAnn Johnson Banks, 2006, page 14),

SARAH ANN NOWELL (2 -Steve Pogue's email dated July 28, 2008 "my understanding and research indicates that Sarah Ann Nowell was his first wife, the mother of Robert and Sarah, and the one who accompanied him to the US."

 ANN KNOWELLS.  Kate B. Curtis Sketch June 15, 1964.  Kate writes that  "John married Ann Knowells" 

Joan's questions:  ** As you can see I have little information about John's 1st wife, Sarah, and I would love to have more information about her.

I know little else about their relationship or about their lives as young people in England between 1803 and 1840. They came to Nauvoo (Commerce) in 1840. If you have information about their lives and the lives of others in England during that time, please let me know. Kate Curtis has provided some interesting information, but surely there is more.