John Hopwood Bleazard

Wife #7



The following photo is in the possession of Marie Johnson. Marie writes:  "I believe the photo below may be a photo of Lydia Davis Bleazard.  The photo was on a page with a photo of Lydia's son, Caleb. Caleb Davis Bleazard, the little boy, is my great grandfather. The picture was with my great grandmother's (Elizabeth Diana Merritt Bleazard) things.  Lydia died in 1878. The photo may be of her daughter Lucy, but I am thinking it is a photo of Lydia." 

Lydia was born 23 June 1825 and she died 3 Nov 1878. She was 53 years old when she died. 

Note: This is Joan, and I am happy to post this photo and information. The picture of both Caleb and this lovely woman, who may be his mother, is on Caleb's page. Thank you very much, Marie. 

HISTORY OF LYDIA DAVIS BLEAZARD, information provided by Daisy Maloney and Bertha Bleazard Miles.

Lydia Davis, second child of William and Lucy Davis, was born 23 June 1825, at Stoke Abbott, Dorsetshire, England. Her father, William, was a farm laborer whose wages were the equivalent of about 25 cents a day. Her mother, Lucy, was a very industrious woman and did many things to add to the family income. We know that her boys went to work as young as seven years, so we can assume that Lydia learned thrift and industry at an early age.

A story is told that her mother, Lucy, a sister, Sarah, and Lydia worked in the Queen's laundry. We are sure she was employed when very young. Braiding rope, making nets, weaving sail cloth and making sails, were some of the basic industries of the area and many women were employed for this work.

Lydia was baptized into the Church 1 October 1848 …about eighteen months after her parents and part of the family were baptized. It is possible that she was away from home working when the rest of the family joined the Church.

In 1850 her family, with the assistance of the Emigration Fund, sent a brother, George age 20, to Utah, that he might make preparations for the other members of the family to emigrate to Zion. In about two years George sent for the family.

Lydia sailed with her parents and her brothers and sisters on 31 March 1855 on the ship Juventa under Captain Wm. Glover. They arrived at Philadelphia 5 May 1855 with 573 Saints. From Philadelphia they went by train to Pittsburg and down the Ohio River by steamboat to St. Louis, Missouri, and up the Missouri River to Atchison, Kansas. At Mormon Grove, near Atchinson, they joined a company of Saints going to Salt Lake with 337 wagons. They company they were with had Milo Andrus as their Captain. We know the way was not easy in these wagon companies, and Lydia would have had to walk most of the way.

Twelve miles out from Atchison her father, William Davis, was taken very ill and died. He was buried on the trail and they continued on. Not very long after this a sister, Elizabeth age 24, died. This was an added loss and great sorrow to the family. Their company arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on October 24, 1855. It took approximately 5 ½ months to make this journey.

Lydia married John Hopwood Bleazard and became the 7th wife in a polygamous family. They (she) lived in the 14th Ward at 37 West First South and it was here that Joseph, Mark, Lucy and Caleb were born. The family moved to the 7th Ward on 5th South and West Temple where the last son, Orson, was born. This plot was listed as Lot 5, of Block 42, Plot A. Great Salt Lake City, Utah. It was here that she lived until her death on November 3, 1878. Lydia had poor health all through life. She endured many hardships and reared her family with the great responsibility which was the lot of many plural wives. Her first child died when very young and her husband died when Mark was 9, Lucy 7, Caleb 5, and Orson 3.

In spite of poor health, Lydia Davis Bleazard, lived her religion faithfully. Attending meetings regularly and teaching her children well in the principles of the gospel was her way of life. She paid her tithing and fast offerings with what she had; a pan of flour or a piece of meat. The children were taught to be neat and clean in their person. There was no place in the home for profanity or off-color stories. They had no use for laziness and the children always spoke of their mother with love. 

Lucy and Caleb Bleazard

Lydia died when her eldest son, Mark, was 17, Lucy 15, Caleb 13 and Orson 11. They lived on in their home and tried to make their own way and keep the family together, The family stayed together until Mark and Lucy married. Mark kept the family home until he had two children of his own. All of the children married and there is now a large posterity to bless her name.

Deseret News November 6, 1878, Salt Lake City, Utah
"Died--In this city, 7th Ward, of inflammation of the bowels, LYDIA DAVIS, wife of the late John H. Blazzard, aged 55 years. Deceased was born in Bowood, Netherbury, Dorsetshire, England."


Lydia Davis is buried in the Bleazard Lot 1 (F-14-3) in the Salt Lake City Cemetery and at the right of John.  Mary Ison Worthington is buried in the same Lot 1 (F-14-3) and in an unmarked grave at the left of John. 

There are two Bleazard Lots in the SLC Cemetery.  The other (Lot 2) is located at F-12-12-5W

Notes from Joan

John Hopwood Bleazard's relationship with (and perhaps marriage to LYDIA DAVIS, wife #7) may have occurred in 1860. Most family records list 5 children for John and Lydia Davis Bleazard. Now it is believed they may have had 6 children. Mary Ann Bleazard (Blazzard) was  born 30 Mar 1857 and died 27 Jan 1858. Records have been found listing a little girl named Mary Ann Blazzard was born to Lydia Davis on 30 March 1857, and she died 27 Jan 1858. She is buried in the Salt Lake Cemetery * (Jennifer Banks research); a second child, Joseph Davis Bleazard was born April 17, 1860, and Joseph died when he was a young boy; Mark Hopwood born March 21, 1861; Lucy Davis was born March 30, 1863; Caleb Davis born March 1, 1865; and Orson Davis was born January 1, 1867.