The NINE (9) Wives of
John Hopwood Bleazard

Wives of John Hopwood Bleazard:
 Sarah Searcy Miller (#3), Mary Jane Miller (#4), Lydia Davis (#7), Mary Ison Worthington (#9)

Here you will find links to stories and records relating to the nine wives 
of John Hopwood Bleazard and their progeny. 

1. Sarah Nowel 

           Wife #1 - Sarah Nowel Bleazard 

2. Elizabeth Miller Poole

WIFE #2 - Betsy Miller Poole Bleazard

3. Sarah Searcy Miller

WIFE#3 - Sarah Searcy Miller and Martha Ann Millerby Jennifer Banks

Descendants of Sarah Searcy Miller Blazzard

Martha Ann Miller - Papers by Lynne Turner & Georgeanne B. Jennings

Mary Jane Miller
Valiant Venture, Vol. 1, by Catherine (Kate) B. Curtis
The Life Sketch of John Hopwood Bleazard

4. Mary Jane Miller 

Wife#4 - Mary Jane Miller Bleazard

Encounter with John Hopwood Bleazard

5. Margaret Birch

Wife#5 - Margaret Birch Bleazard

6. Matilda Murch

Wife#6 - Matilda Murch Penny Bleazard

7. Lydia Davis

Wife#7 - Lydia Davis Bleazard
Lucy Davis Davis
, mother of Lydia Davis
Biography of Lydia Davis Bleazard by Lorna Bleazard Schlote

Mary Ann Bleazard - Lydia's first child.
Joseph Davis Bleazard, son of John Hopwood and Lydia Davis Bleazard
Mark Hopwood Bleazard, son of John Hopwood and Lydia Davis Bleazard
Lucy Davis Bleazard, daughter of John Hopwood and Lydia Davis Bleazard
Caleb Davis Bleazard, son of John Hopwood and Lydia Davis Bleazard
Orson Davis Bleazard, son of John Hopwood and Lydia Davis Bleazard

Annie Danks, wife of Mark Hopwood Bleazard
Rhoda Ison Danks, mother of Annie Danks Bleazard

8. Mary Matilda Holden

Wife#8 - Mary Matilda Holden Bleazard

9. Mary Ison Worthington

Wife#9 - Mary Ison Worthington Bleazard

 The following stories are from the book
"Memories of Evelyn Dorothy "Pete" Jenson
 and Mark Walker Bleazard, my Parents"
by Joan Bleazard Thomas, December 2002

A Note From Joan

Collecting these memories has been my pleasure and it has taken me a long time.  I thought about continuing to collect and correct stories until they were all perfect and no one would find errors or criticize my work.  I realized, however, that I would never live long enough to get it perfect! So being fallible, as we all are and as our ancestors were, these stories are being published.

To those who find errors and who wish that other stories had been included or that some stories had not been included, I want you to know that I did my best to make this accurate, informative and interesting.  At least we can all agree that the pages are now more interesting than when they were blank.

Mark and Evelyn Jenson Bleazard, my parents, were extraordinary people and they lived interesting lives in interesting times. I've included some historical information that you may find interesting or that you may wish to ignore.  I have also included information about Mark and Evelyn's parents and grandparents so descendants will know who their ancestors were that 
first came to the United States and to Utah.  They, too, were very strong, good, family loving people and it would have taken a great deal of faith and courage to leave their homes in Europe to find what they hoped to be a better life here in Utah.  I believe that one form of immortality is that passed on from one generation to the next and in that sense all of these people live on in us, their descendants.  

Lovingly prepared and given to my sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles and a few cousins and friends as a Christmas gift in 2002.  This is my gift to you. 

 Evelyn Dorothy "Pete" Jenson Bleazard, mother of Joan Bleazard Thomas 
                            "It May Have Been the Most Special Gift" ~1909 - 1931
John William (Will) and Lousa May (Wease) Walker Bleazard and their son,
Mark Walker Bleazard,
                             Joan's grandfather, grandmother, and father
                             "I Just Can't See How Mom Ever Raised All of Us Kids"  ~1909 - 1931
Mountain Home - 1913-1930
                             "Bleazards and the Mountan Home, Utah Cabin"
A Green Suit and a Yellow Chiffon Dress for the Dance ~1931 - 1937
                               Mark and Evelyn (Pete) get married
                Talmage ~1937 - 1961
                               "One Cow, Four Horses, No Fences or Ditches, and No Well Water"
Arcadia ~1961 - 1993
                               "Hot Summers, Hard Winters, How to Make a Living,
                                 and How to Make Life Worth Living"






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